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Thursday, April 22


from artist patrick rife. who is he? to steal the blurb from an interview with rife (The Signal airdate 10.09.09)

You've heard of 'album art,' but not like this: We meet installation artist Patrick Rife, who's been sampling snippets from thousands of used records, blending the sounds, and stacking the discs into monolithic pillars of vinyl that literally speak for themselves.

for locals to baltimore, experience it in person:

opening wednesday, april 28th
4 - 7 pm
university of maryland
1000 hilltop circle, 21250

and check out the cyclical nature of obsolescence blog for more details

facebook event page

Sunday, April 11

when it snowed

photo from chris, taken after the record breaking blizzard


Monday, March 15

more from the party

it rained on the day of the party, so the field trip to the mural was canceled. we made do.

Sunday, March 14

birthday party favors

the party people are five years old! join in the celebration and send in photos with these diy print yourself projects:

Saturday, March 13

Miss Yumi representing in Honolulu

photo from miss yumi in honolulu - thanks!

limited issue buttons from 2005 (the first year the party people appeared)

Friday, March 12

photo from adam

Wednesday, March 3

near school 33 in baltimore, md

thanks gary!